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PR is Dead, Communication is In

Let’s qualify that, just a bit. PR as commonly used (the placement of client news in the media) is dead–just as traditional media outlets are transforming and usage trends indicate that folks are forging an entirely new way to consume media.

As a cultural communications firm, we spend a lot of time looking at and analyzing people’s behavior, and what we’ve found out about people today is startlingly different than the 20th century.

  • People expect big ideas. They value thought, growth and a free interchange of ideas.
  • People expect to contribute as much as they consume. They expect free, but they’re willing to pay for it.
  • Relationships of trust are won on a perceived alignment of values–we connect to brands and organizations that seem willing to connect with us.
  • Third parties need not apply. Using the record industry as an example, direct connections between consumer and creator make middle-men a thing of the past. Goodbye distributor, retailer, media. Hello person-to-person.

As a public relations firm in Los Angeles — er, a communications firm — it’s our goal to coerce the very best and brightest ideas from our clients, and to connect them directly to the audiences that matter. Consider it cloud marketing…encouraging a free interchange of ideas where those who sweat it out the most win. Where everybody can win.

Ask us sometime about the PR firm 3.0 — our communication strategy for the information based economy.

More client news to come soon…!

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